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Wolfenbüttel (D): Prize Winner Concert Jugend Musiziert NI TelePartY

3. Mai 2015

LMA-NIConcert of the winners of the state competition „Jugend Musiziert“ Niedersachsen 2015

Program (a.o..): Tabea Wink (1. Prize, 25 P.) – alto recorder

Dorothée Hahne: „TelePartY“ for alto recorder & live electronics

(Commissioned by the German Music Council for the project “Impulse – Young Interpreters/New Music!” for Tabea Wink)

The concert will be recorded by NDR and broadcasted on June 6 at 20:05 in the show „Music Land Niedersachsen“

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1. live recording „TelePartY“ – Tabea Wink – recorder

At the award winner concert of Youth Music Competition 2015 in Braunschweig, which took place in the Dornse in th Museum of Braunschweig on February 21, 2015 the opportunity arose the first public premiere of the commissioned composition „“TelePartY„“, composed for Tabea Wink – recorder inside the Projekt – „Impulse – Young Interpreters / New Music“ of the German Musikrat.

This concert hall is not perfect for quadrophonic live electronic compositions and outside was a stormy weather, rumbling loudly around the building, but this beautiful document that gives some idea what a more than talented student Tabea Wink is, wants to be shared and communicated.

Audio record : Zoom H4n Stereo

Hannover: TelePartY @ JuMu LW NDS – TelePartY

14. März 2015

Jugend MusiziertJugend Musiziert Landeswettbewerb Niedersachsen

Tabea Wink – recorder

Programmu.a. D. Hahne: „TeleParty“ für alto recorder & live electronics

Venue: Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover, Emmichplatz 1 ,30175 Hannover

Rosenheim (D): Love is in the air

14. Februar 2015

Rosenheim – „Love is in the air“ is the program that have put together the young musicians of talent development class of the music school Rosenheim suitable for Valentine’s Day. So resound on Saturday 14 February by 19 clock in Hans Fischer Hall of Künstlerhof at the Ludwig place with free admission love songs with evocative titles like „Pur ti miro“, „Love on Top“ or „You love who you love“ of Claudio Monteverdi to George Gershwin and John Legend.

Masterpieces for Solo Instruments artfully combine the emotional singing together. Among them are Edouard Lalo’s „Symphonie espagnole“ for violin, Valse „Dolinda“ by Rene Bartoli for guitar, Gershwin’s „Summertime“ for solo trumpet, Wolfgang Schlüter „Nadia’s Dance“ for vibraphone and „Commentari 3“ by Dorothée Hahne for various Recorders and electronics. Some works have recently been „Young Musicians“ even when presented.

The exporting emerging artists are Marie Erndl, recorder; Michael Franz, trumpet; Lena Depta, guitar; Alexander Schmid, percussion; Simone Schuster, vocals; Anna Meixner, vocals; Susanne Bayeff-Filloff, singing, and Lara cordon, violin.

Quelle: OVB

(Deutsch) Braunschweig: TeleParty Preisträgerkonzert Jugend Musiziert

21. Februar 2015

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for Solo Instrument & Live-Elektronik [2014]

Augsburg (D): real time slow motion – Duo Recordronik – recorder & electronic

20. März 2015

recordronicElisabeth Haselberger and Petra Wurz (recorder and electronic)
EMERGE and Gerald Fiebig (electronic)

concert programm:

Klaus Hollinetz „Islands and Streams“ (2006)
Periklis Liakakis „Dist(ohr)tion“ (2010)
Christoph Cech „Domina Domina“ (2008)
Dorothée Hahne „dance macabre“ (2006)
Agostino Di Scipio „4 variazioni sul ritmo del vento (1995)
Fabrizio de Rossi Re „Salse per Gru, Anatre, Pernici, Tortore, Colombacci, Colombi e diversi Ucelli“ (1993)
EMERGE Neues Werk (2015, UA)
Gerald Fiebig Neues Werk (2015, UA)
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Two prizes for Sophia Schambeck at competition in Germany | 2.10.2014

logo_cvaSophia Schambeck (1993), recorder, has won two prizes at the Wespe 2014 competition in Germany. For her interpretation of Commentari III by Dorothee Hahne she won a prize in the category ‘Best interpretation of a piece by a female composer’, a special prize awarded by the Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend. For performance of AtPHOlantis for recorder and electronics she won a prize in the category ‘Best interpretation of an original composition’, a special prize awarded by the Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten GVL.
Sophia Schambeck studies with Erik Bosgraaf in the first year of the bachelor degree programme.

Source: Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Braunschweig: (Premiere) Impulse – Young Interpreters/new Music – TelePartY

23. Januar 2015


Dorothée Hahne: „Teleparty“ for alto recorder & live-electronics

Recorder: Tabea Wink

Commissioned by the German Music Council for for Tabea Wink as part of of the project „Impulse – Young Artists / New Music!“

Mit dem Förderprojekt „Impulse – Junge Interpreten/Neue Musik!“ setzt der Deutsche Musikrat neue Initiativen und Schwerpunkte. Junge exzellente MusikerInnen, die vor der Teilnahme an einem Wettbewerb des Deutschen Musikrats stehen, kooperieren mit zeitgenössischen KomponistInnen, geben Werke in Auftrag, erarbeiten diese mit Unterstützung der KomponistInnen und bringen sie anschließend im Rahmen eines der Wettbewerbe des Deutschen Musikrats und in nachfolgenden Konzerten zur Aufführung.

Venue: Braunschweig  (more Information coming soon)