Aurich (D): Long night of the peak striker

21. July 2017
22. July 2017

gipfelstuermerThe Long Nights of the Mountaineers have developed as a concert-goer magnet of the Tide Concerts, and rightly so. Those who have already experienced the outstanding performance and the joy of these young musicians will become addicted to this concert format. The nights begin with parallel programs in the hall and the forum, then after the break the audience changes rooms. The Long Nights end with an improvised program for everyone at around midnight in the forum.

Program amongst others :

 Matthias Kirschnereit und Ulf Brenken

Sophia Schambeck (recorder)
Sophie Dartigalongue (bassoon)
Félix Dervaux (frenchhorn)
Matthias Well (violine)
Philipp Wollheim (violine)
Raphael Paratore (violoncello)
Verena Metzger (piano)
Gajane Saakjana (piano)
Daniel Seng (piano)
Sarah Zelt (drama)

Sponsored by

Frauke Dreessen (21.7.19) , Thiele Tee (22.7.2017)
Venue: Ostfriesische Landschaft Aurich | Georgswall 1 | D – 26603 Aurich
Entry: 30,00 €