Dorothée Hahne (* 26th of May 1966 in Bonn) is a German composer. She studied the trumpet at the Music Academies in Cologne and Düsseldorf. In 1988 she founded the Renitent-Quartet, with whom she performed her own compositions at art exhibitions and festivals. Together with the artists MAF Räderscheidt Martin Kätelhön (light projections) she composed pieces for wind instruments (including trumpet, alphorn, didgeridoo) and live electronics. Alongside numerous performances and concerts in museums, galleries and art associations, she has also composed several instrumental and electronic pieces, film music, and settings of poems, has worked on audiobook projects and composed commissioned pieces.
One feature of her compositions in the use of electronic means is the renunciation of any form of sound synthesis. The electronics serve exclusively to create repetition of, and variations on naturally produced sounds. The composer also devotes herself passionately to providing sound for church interiors with concert projects specially designed to take account of the particular acoustics.
As for content, her later compositions centrally reflect a confrontation with German history (for example Die Hoffnungsfalle [The Hope Trap] – a Performance on German Re-unification, Ode to Anne for 7 Trumpets), European history (for example Theophanu – a concert project on the life of the eponymous empress) and the theme of women and spirituality (for example commentari – a suite for recorders, didgeridoo & live electronics, based on the legend of the virgin St Ursula).

Awards and career
1995 scholarship for young artists awarded by the Literaturbuero NRW
1996 culture prize of the town of Herford, and the Bernd Alois Zimmermann scholarship awarded by the city of Cologne.
1999 Begin of collaboration with the recorder virtuoso Dorothee Oberlinger.
2000 formation of the newsic ensemble (Maria Jonas, Dorothee Oberlinger, Norbert Rodenkirchen, since 2004 with Dorothee Mields, since 2007 with Johanna Krumin)
2001 first winner of the grant initiated by Christina Rau (wife of the then German President) for composition awarded by the Stiftung Kunst und Kultur NRW, to live and work at the ‘artists village’ in Schoeppingen (Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schoeppingen)
2002 scholarship awarded by the North Rhine Westphalia state ministry of culture to work and study in Rome & project grant to work at the Stiftung Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen
2002 as prizewinner of the StartArt competition she formed the newsic company for publishing and producing new music and audiobooks.
2005 Bundeskonzert of GEDOK, Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
2006 “composer in residence” – 42. Deutscher Kammermusikkurs ”Jugend musiziert“ – Deutscher Musikrat