CD release: blue – experimental music in the church space

Churches are not only architecturally significant spaces, they are also places of encounter and worship, social spaces, different spaces and also sound spaces. The Archdiocese of Paderborn commissioned compositions for electronic music for these special spaces, which were premiered in September 2023. This double CD documents the compositions. [Further information about the project]

Composers: Florian Zwissler, Oxana Omelchuk, Dorothée Hahne, Tobias T. Hagedorn, Ralf Hoyer, Florian Hartlieb, Nikolaus Heyduck, Ulf Pleines, Christina Kubisch, Christoph Ogiermann und Matthias Krüger.

Booklettexte: Dominik Susteck, die Komponistinnen und Komponisten
Mastering: Stephan Schmidt
Gestaltung: Marc Schniedermeier
Projektleitung: Dominik Susteck


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