Muensterland (D): Go Vegan – All you can eat

1. October 2017

On Thanksgiving October 1, the “Go Vegan” will be held for the fourth time in Metelen, Germany, and I will open it with a performance “All you can eat” for food and live electronics.

4. Vegan fair in the Muensterland “Go vegan” – The special Thanksgiving

1 October 2017 10 am to 18 pm – D – 48629 Metelen, Sendplatz 14 – Admission: 2 €


Our children, our future: Lecture “Healthy nutrition from birth”
Lecture: “Healthy Nutrition = Healthy Teeth”
Personal experience report: “Cancer is curable”

Let us advise you: Health is edible!

You can try studying: trade fair cafe and tasting rooms in the hall
Vegan products in organic quality for buying and tasting
Vegan diet: discovery of abundance – pleasure – variety – fitness

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