Zürich: Zeitfestival – danse macabre

12. April 2018

zeitfestival-bannerConcert, lyrics, dance performance

Works by Carlo Gesualdo, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, Philip Glass, Dorothée Hahne and Arvo Pärt.

What scares us the most? The final out of death?
How about the following idea, following Luigi Nono:

Death does not close, but transforms.
He sails between spaces and times that open in other ways.
This evening sheds light on the moment of dying, this world and the hereafter with music and contemporary dance, with choreographies inspired by Charlotte Bara and Seneca’s words in stoic death expectancy. An evening in the game with states, events and processes, dignified serious and at the same time deeply humorous – in any case, surprising.


The time festival again brings art, science and society together to devote themselves to a theme that completely concerns all people: time. This year’s concept is

Z E I T F R E I – Eternity has no time.

Artists: Grégoire May, Jonas Salzer, Luca Bernard, Gergely Kereszturi – vocals / Vera Wahl – saxophone / Sophia Rieth – recorders / Francis Lucas – organ / Fabian Löbhard – percussion / Magdalena Oettl – dance

Venue: Theater Stok, Hirschgraben 42, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

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