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Zurich (CH): Contemporary Music Studio

24. January 2023


Ateliers are chamber music workshops led by specialized professionals in which contemporary works are developed, rehearsed, discussed and performed. The composers themselves are often present, so that the solutions developed can be discussed together and open questions can be clarified. The concluding concerts often make it possible to become integrally acquainted with and appreciate the work of composer personalities. Continue reading »

Zurich: Chamber Choir ZHdK – dance of death

24. November 2022

Dance of Death • Works by Leonhard Lechner, Dorothée Hahne and Hugo Distler

Chamber choir ZHdK


Leonhard Lechner (um 1553–1606)
Deutsche Sprüche von Leben und Tod

Dorothée Hahne (*1966)
Dance Macabre Continue reading »

Zürich: Zeitfestival – danse macabre

12. April 2018

zeitfestival-bannerConcert, lyrics, dance performance

Works by Carlo Gesualdo, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, Philip Glass, Dorothée Hahne and Arvo Pärt. Continue reading »

Zürich: ERPS Bienale – Trio aXolot- Grenzklänge

3. September 2011





The recorder ensemble Trio aXolot from Amsterdam playing music from Dorothée Hahne, Aliona Yurtsevich, Thorsten Töpp and Pèter Köszeghy.


Trio aXolot: Yoshiko Klein | Miako Klein | Anna Stegmann [recorder]

Dorothée Hahne [live electronics]

European Recorder Players Society – ERPS

Venue: Zurich University of the Arts

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