SWR2 MusikGlobal: Maria Jonas – Music from the worlds between

16. Januar 2018

MariaJonasA program by Johannes S. Sichtermann

Portrait with sound examples about the singer, for whom the concert „Theophanu“ was written in 2000.

Above all, Maria Jonas is known as a singer of medieval music and leader of her ensemble Ars Choralis Coeln. But at the same time, for almost ten years now, she has been looking far beyond the horizon and is open to influences from other musical cultures. Continue reading…

SWR2: Radiophon – dance macabre

4. Januar 2018

swr2-radiophonMusikcollagen – Totentanz- Danse macabre
Von Gaby Beinhorn

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(Deutsch) Stille Nacht – heilige Nacht

Silent Night – Holy Night – and those who dare to look behind them are overwhelmed by the beauty of creation. I wish a lot of foresight for the holidays and a happy new year

Muensterland (D): Go Vegan – All you can eat

1. Oktober 2017

On Thanksgiving October 1, the „Go Vegan“ will be held for the fourth time in Metelen, Germany, and I will open it with a performance „All you can eat“ for food and live electronics.

4. Vegan fair in the Muensterland „Go vegan“ – The special Thanksgiving

1 October 2017 10 am to 18 pm – D – 48629 Metelen, Sendplatz 14 – Admission: 2 €


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Aurich (D): Long night of the peak striker

21. Juli 2017
22. Juli 2017

gipfelstuermerThe Long Nights of the Mountaineers have developed as a concert-goer magnet of the Tide Concerts, and rightly so. Those who have already experienced the outstanding performance and the joy of these young musicians will become addicted to this concert format. The nights begin with parallel programs in the hall and the forum, then after the break the audience changes rooms. The Long Nights end with an improvised program for everyone at around midnight in the forum.

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Seoul: Graduation recital – Kim Kyu Young

11. Mai 2017

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Altenberge (D): resonance concert „artistic experiments“

5. Mai 2017

Konzert-Dorothee Hahne Continue reading…

Altenberge (D): Echolot[e]

30. April 2017bis14. Mai 2017


During the exhibition, a sound installation of sounds from the ice-cellar, didgeridoo and seashell horn will be heard. A catalog accompanies the exhibition.

Metelen (D): Blue peace lamb herd

17. April 2017

Everyone is important – all are equivalent.

Blauschaf Friedensherde

The Blue Shepherd is a global social art project by the artist Bertamaria Reetz, a symbol of mutual tolerance and peace. The authorized copies of the works are end-processed in cooperation with the non-profit workspace for people with disabilities of the social enterprises Cologne gGmbH in Cologne. This cooperation has played a significant role in the peace message.

The initiator of the convent Metelen Ingrid Hagen has now brought a peace herd with Blauschaf lambs to Metelen. For this she has been able to win over 150 godparents, who have their pastel pots grazed on the meadow of the St. Sophia House from 22 March to Easter Monday (17 April 2017). Whoever strolls along the river during this time can enjoy the ultramarin blue peace herd as a work of art.

From now on the blue peace lamb herd are allowed to leave the pasture at 10 o’clock every morning and gathered again at 7 pm. Anyone who wants to help with the herd raising can be in time in front of the entrance of the St.Sophienhaus.

On Easter Monday the lambs will be handed over to their godparents with a music program, which I will open with a sound performance for alphorn & live electronics. Further information about the Münsterländer Friedensherde can be found on the Internet pages of the Metelen Monastery. Continue reading…