Amsterdam: aXolot @ TryTone Zaal100

3. October 2012

Trio aXolot with “Interferences of inner Voices” @ TRYTONE FESTIVAL | Amsterdam


21:00 : Duo Leeuw/Schwartz

A meeting of Two whiz-kids of age. IRCAM based Diemo Schwarz who plays his own build software instrument CataRT and HKU lecturer and Electrumpet player Hans Leeuw met at STEIM in 2010 and are a duo since then. They both value the combination of high performance standards with the development of new instruments. This performance is about really new ways of playing and interacting with live produced sounds.

22:00 : aXolot

aXolot, ambystoma recodarum, is a neotenic collective that prefers to remain in a larval form, gaining no evolutionary advantage from growing into a reptilian state. It’s also known as a water puppet, or interdisciplinary trespasser.The species originates from volcanic lakes and, in mythology, represents the dark side of Venus. aXolot is extensively used in scientific research due to its ability to completely regenerate body parts. aXolot breathes one endless breath due to its 3 hair-like gills that gives aXolot its futuristic look. A concept that has inspired and breathed life into a literal triangularity, formed by recorder soloists Kim-José Bode (DE/NL), Sarah Jeffery (UK) and Dodo Kis (HU) and visual artist Marjolijn Zwakman (NL).

Kim-José Bode (DE/NL), Dodó Kis (HU), Sarah Jeffery (UK): recorders, electronics, voice
Marjolijn Zwakman (NL): visual art

23:00: Bony Fish!

Bony Fish zijn heren met respectabele stamboom die hun geluid omschrijven als ‘Free Cosmic Music’. Luc Ex musiceerde bijna 20 jaar bij The Ex, daarna bij andere formaties zoals Roof (met Tom Cora), 4Walls, Sol en Triolex. Aymeric Avice kennen we dan weer vooral als vrolijke stoorzender op trompet met effectpedalen van het franse jazzcore trio Jean Louis. Mikael Szafirowski tast de speelgrenzen af van gitaar en cavaquinho (Portugese voorloper van de ukulele). Marcos Baggiani is spilfiguur bij verschillende bands van improviserende muziek (Royal Improvisers Orchestra, The Ambush Party…).

Aymeric Avice: amplified trumpet
Mikael Szafirowski: electric guitar
Luc Ex: bass guitar
Marcos Baggiani: drums

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