Nettersheim: commentari – Hahne/Stegmann

4. September 2011

commentari – Building bridges over the centuries

Concerto for recorder, didgeridoo and live electronics

Anna Stegmann – recorder
Dorothée Hahne – didgeridoo, electronics

commentari (Latin: considerations do something about thinking) writes about the successful concert of the composer Dorothée Hahne project, which was founded in 1999 inspired by the medieval sequence “O Ecclesia”. The young women of the Ursula-legend in the musical version of Hildegard von Bingen is commented in 5 parts. Dorothée Hahne & Anna Stegmann tension using medieval and modern recorders, archaic sounds of didgeridoo and a computer assisted live electronic music one arch over the centuries. After numerous performances and multiple CD – Publications the concert with his rotating space sounds  will also be heard in the cast of Anna Stegmann the first time on 4th September 2011 in Nettersheim.


Speciosa | Electronics – Digitized sounds of bells
O ecclesia | Tenor Recorder & Didgeridoo
commentari I | Alto recorder & live electronics
commentari II | Sub-bass recorder and live electronics
commentari III | Soprano recorder and live electronics
commentari IV | Medieval recorder & Didgeridoo

Anna Stegmann
Born in Münster Anna Stegmann studied at the Musikhochschule, and in Kassel. She lives and works in Amsterdam, where she finished her studies in 2011. The numerous national and international competitions excellent flutist who is since 2009 a scholarship from the “Westphalian Society for Cultural Work” was awarded in 2011 in the Netherlands with the link of rice for her interpretation of contemporary music for recorder solo. In various ensembles she has performed worldwide, CD releases and live recording of concerts in Germany were radio, “Radio 4” in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam Concert Zender broadcast.

Dorothée Hahne
(born 1966 in Bonn, Germany) started in 1987 during their classical trumpet studies at the Musikhochschule in Cologne and Dusseldorf to compose. Awarded numerous scholarships and awards created several concert projects, plays, music, performances, sound installations and commissioned works. In 2002 she founded a startup NRW winner NEWSIC – editing and production factory for new music & audio books. Her live-electronic compositions are performed throughout Europe and also worldwide in concert halls, festivals, competitions and examinations.

Audio samples (mp3) and other information about the concert are available online at

Admission to the concert is free, although donations are welcome.

Venue: Kloster Nettersheim – Klosterstrasse, 53947 Nettersheim

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  1. claire daniel sagt:

    I am contacting you to ask some questions on one of your composition.
    I discover two of your Commentari , commentari I and commentari II on the CD of Dorothee Oberlinger “Peripheries” and I had a true blow of heart for the Commentari I,the sound wealth allowed by the electronique, the density of instrumentals colors, the research born in sequences of the XII.s.
    I teach the recorder in a province of France and I shall like makinf share this blow of heart by interpreting your part in a medieval chapel.
    I shall wish to know if it is possible to have a copy of the manuscript as well as the information on the processes of repeat broadcast electronique used.
    In the hope that you can follow up my request.
    Sincerlly, Claire Daniel

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