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Anna Stegmann, Miako Klein, Yoshiko Klein – Blockflöten & mehr

Premiere “dance macabre” Trio Version 2014, Cologne, Achtbrückenfestival

Köln: Acht Brücken Festival | Trio KAZE | UA Dance macabre – Trioversion

4. Mai 2014

Trio_KAZE_KM106518Music by Dorothée Hahne: “dance macabre” (Premiere Trio Version) and others

Trio KAZE dispels all memories of squeaky primary school recorders with their own, unconventional combination of medieval and Renaissance music – played on treble and contra bass recorders – and contemporary music. Together with electroacoustic composer Tobias Hartmann, who composed “Punktum” for the trio, they remix works by the late-medieval composer Johannes Ciconia using the centuries-old art of musical quotation. The interplay between electronic “non-human” sounds and pure “human” sounds produces a dynamic variety that contrasts the disconnect between traditional concert culture and young club-music culture with a creative symbiosis.

Anna Stegmann Blockflöten
Miako Klein Blockflöten, Violine
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commentari – Hahne/Stegmann 4th September 2011

With grateful thanks for the pictures to Claudia Meyer

Nettersheim: commentari – Hahne/Stegmann

4. September 2011

commentari – Building bridges over the centuries

Concerto for recorder, didgeridoo and live electronics

Anna Stegmann – recorder
Dorothée Hahne – didgeridoo, electronics Continue reading »

Münster: Grenzklänge – der Klang der Zeit (UA)

21. Januar 2011

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