Los Angeles (USA): Quartett New Generation

15. März 2008

Quartet New Generation

u.a. Dorothée Hahne: “Dance macabre” für 4 Blockflöten & Live-Elektronik (UA-USA)

Diverse and Diagonal

Complementing the concrete surfaces and sharp-edges of a building designed in the early 1900s and reinvented a century later as “the world’s most sprawling horizontal laboratory,” a concert of music old and new by an ensemble of “young players – all virtuosos” (New York Times). Performing on upwards of 20 different recorders of many shapes and sizes, from several inches to six feet tall, this prize-winning quartet transports the listener into a new sonic world often resembling “an aviary full of exotic birds” (Sulzbach Rosenberg). With its mesmerizing stage presence, the ensemble moves between Renaissance cool and a techno girl-band. “The sound was irresistible” (Wall Street Journal).

Southern California Institute of Architecture
Santa Fe Freight Depot
Los Angeles USA

Kontakt: http://dacamera.org/concert_info.php?products_id=49
Kosten: 35 – 41 $