(Deutsch) SWR2 Thema Musik: Brückenbauer

23. February 2012

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Steinfurt: Symposium Silence – Meditation – Health

23. March 2012

Symposium Silence – Meditation – Health Steinfurt / Burgsteinfurt of 23 to 25 March 2012
Informations – experiences – encounters – contact

21:00 Ecumenical Evening Prayer (public)
with Dorothée Hahne, composer and sound artist (Schöppingen)

Information on the symposium (german)

Venue: Kleine Kirche, Flintenstr 2/9 48565 Steinfurt

Organizer: Church Steinfurt – Coesfeld – Borken, Department of spirituality and spiritual life

(Deutsch) DRS2 (CH): Eine Klangreise ins Licht

24. December 2011

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Münster: Huelsta Woodwinds International – Finale

1. November 2011

Tabea Debus (Winner) playing at Finale of  Huelsta Woodwinds International 2011 u.a. “commentari III” for soprano recorder & live electronics (Dorothée Hahne).
Venue: Musikhochschule Münster
Ludgeriplatz 1
D -48151 Münster

Salzburg: Recital recorder

21. November 2011

recital – students class | Dorothee Oberlinger

Kompositions from Johann Sebastian Bach, Corelli, Georg PhillipTelemann, Dorothée Hahne…

played by: Elisabeth Wirth, Anne Enßle, Donna Kao, Brendan O’Donnell, Christina Hahn, Eva Leonie Fegers, Eva Heitzinger and others.

Ort: Mozarteum – Kleines Studio | Mirabellplatz 1 | A – 5020 Salzburg

Veranstalter: Universität Mozarteum Salzburg

(Deutsch) Schönefeld: „Tanz! – Vom Mittelalter bis zum Morgengrauen…“ Common Contrasts

4. November 2011

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FRS: musica nova – Flute, recorder and bassoon in contemporary music (german)

2. November 2011

In today’s program new works by Daniel Schnyder, Dorothée Hahne, Gordon Beeferman, Paul Moravec, David Kosviner and some jazz standards are presented, played by the trio Magda Schwerzmann / James Alexander / Robert Langevin, the Quartet New Generation recorder quartet and the bassoonist Daniel Smith. A broadcast of Günther Bajtl.

Ort: Free Radio for Stuttgart, Onlinestreaming: Streamingseite des Senders Continue reading…

Bremen: Female rulers of heaven-earth-underworld

4. March 2012

Works of J. B. Lully, G. F. Händel, H. Berlioz & D. Hahne

Angela Postweiler, Soprano
Barbara Heindlmeier, flutes
Christian Heim, flute & viola da gamba
Tobias Gravenhorst, keys
Dorothée Hahne, sound director

Persephone, the goddess of the underworld – Cleopatra, the proud Pharaoh between heaven and hell – Theophanu, the German Empress of Byzantium – Mary, Queen of Heaven. Four very different types of female rulers meet in this concert. Pioneering the high baroque music, dreamy contemporary music, romantic music with baroque instruments – and of course, simply beautiful baroque arias: We invite you to a concert between styles, between the ages, at different points of the cathedral.

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Nettersheim: commentari – Hahne/Stegmann

4. September 2011

commentari – Building bridges over the centuries

Concerto for recorder, didgeridoo and live electronics

Anna Stegmann – recorder
Dorothée Hahne – didgeridoo, electronics Continue reading…