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Düsseldorf: Vernissage R. Reschkowski – Yûgen-C Zyklus

5. Juni 2020

In November 2019, the composer and music performer Dorothée Hahne was invited by the artist Robert Reschkowski to his studio. In interaction with alphorn and live electronics, a work of the Yûgen cycle was created, while the sounds of the painting process flowed into the music.The Yûgen C cycle by Robert Reschkowski was to be exhibited at the Düsseldorf Künstlerverein Malkasten from June 5th to 7th.

Dorothée Hahne und Robert Reschkowski. Foto Michael Quack

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Kloster Gravenhorst: Christine Westenberger – Aperture

15. September 2019

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Art for animals for art – WDR Lokalzeit – 25 anniversary Alter Schlachthof Soest

27. April 2018

25 years ago I have had the pleasure to entertain with my alphorn & live-electronics the first cow (her name was Saba – unforgetable), who left the slougterhouse of Soest alive, after she stayed there the hole day in a fine mood. With this performance from the artist Martin Kätelhön (supplemented by MAF Räderscheidt & Inge Thomforde) and events from other artists the old sloughterhouse changed to an excellent art and cultur venue. The documentation from the WDR LOKALZEIT about the anniversary will be online until 27th of April 2019:


Cologne: moments, people, encounter – Vernissage

21. März 2018

Reetz-2018KölnBertamaria Reetz

Benefit – Art – Exibition

Vernissage: Wednesday, March 21th 2018, 7:30 p.m.

7:15 Dorothée Hahne: Alphorn & live electronic

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Cologne: Matinee – Altern. Cologne honorary citizenship Irene Franken

8. Januar 2017


Half of Heaven

Ceremony of the fourth alternatives Cologne honorary citizenship to Irene Franken, Historian
Moderation: Jürgen Becker
Impuls: Franz Meurer
Laudatio: Dr. Kerstin Wolff
Credits: Carmen Thomas, Dr. Witich Rossmann, Volker Beck, Dr. Muriel Gonzales-Athenas, Dr. Karola Fings
First Congratulations: Henriette Reker
Compositionen from Dorothée Hahne:
O EcclesiaSequence aboutthe St. Ursula von Hildegard von Bingen for tenor recorder & didgeridoo
es kommt, was geht…” Alphorn & live electronic
Speciosa” – Electronic music from sounds of Cologne Cathedral bells
Lucia Mense, recorder
Dorothée Hahne, didgeridoo, Alphorn, live electronic
Capriccios & Improvisations from
Achim Fink & Bernd Winterschladen (trombone, saxophon, tuba …)
Ort: Gürzenich Cologne, Kleiner Saal, Martinstr. 29 50667 Köln
Sunday, Januar 8th 2017 11:00 am

es kommt, was geht…

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Bad Iburg: Symposium “Women with Ideas”

13. August 2011

Music by Dorothée Hahne with alphorn, didgeridoo, trumpet & Live-Elektronik opening of the symposium “Frauen mit Ideen

The symposium will be held on 13 August 10:00 to 18:00, together with the “Market of Possibilities” and the award of the Innnoovation prize NIBB 2011. Continue reading »

Steinfurt: fine arts experiments

5. August 2011

On 5th August I play a little concert for deaf and hearing-impaired children from Murmansk, on the making of their “summer travel from castle to castle” of the KIT-Initiative Deutschland e.V., Vereins Murmansk e.V. & Förderkreis Kultur & Schlösser e.V. in the Bagno of Steinfurt. “Fine arts experiments” are performed with didgeridoo, trumpet, alphorn and live electronics.

Venue: Bagno Konzertgalerie

Bagno-Konzertgalerie, Hollich 156, D – 48565 Steinfurt


Fürstlich gefrühstückt | 31.05.2011 Münsterland Zeitung