Altenberge (D): Echolot[e]

[ 30. April 2017 bis 14. May 2017. ]

During the exhibition, a sound installation of sounds from the ice-cellar, didgeridoo and seashell horn will be heard. A catalog accompanies the exhibition.

Metelen (D): Blue peace lamb herd

[ 17. April 2017; 17:00; ] Everyone is important – all are equivalent.

The Blue Shepherd is a global social art project by the artist Bertamaria Reetz, a symbol of mutual tolerance and peace. The authorized copies of the works are end-processed in cooperation with the non-profit workspace for people with disabilities of the social enterprises Cologne gGmbH in Cologne. This cooperation […]

Eggenfelden (D): danse macabre | Maria Dorner-Hofmann

[ 5. April 2017; 19:30; ] Vitale Virtuosity – an excitingly staged solo concerto by the recorder. It is about death and life, excessive joy of life and contemplation.

Program u.a.: “dance macabre” For soprano recorder & live electronics (composition commission for Maria Dorner-Hofmann, 2006)

Maria Dorner-Hofmann, recorder

Maria Dorner-Hofmann studied flute recorder and recorder training with Irmgard Tutschek, Carin van Heerden and Dorothee […]

Neuss (D): Making more music – Workshop

[ 11. February 2017; 14:00 bis 17:00. ] Workshop: Making more music!
with Mirjam von Jarzebowski and Dorothée Hahne
For culture managers, concert organizers, lecturers at music schools, musicians, conductors of musical ensembles and all interested parties.

Children and young people in concert – a rarity? In the last few years, the German orchestral landscape has struggled with the young generation – with success. How orchestras […]

Eggenfelden: dance macabre – Maria Dorner-Hoffmann

[ 1. February 2017; 19:30; ] Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Cologne: Matinee – Altern. Cologne honorary citizenship Irene Franken

[ 8. January 2017; 11:00; ] Matinee

“Half of Heaven”
Ceremony of the fourth alternatives Cologne honorary citizenship to Irene Franken, Historian
Moderation: Jürgen Becker
Impuls: Franz Meurer
Laudatio: Dr. Kerstin Wolff
Credits: Carmen Thomas, Dr. Witich Rossmann, Volker Beck, Dr. Muriel Gonzales-Athenas, Dr. Karola Fings
First Congratulations: Henriette Reker
Compositionen from Dorothée Hahne:
” O Ecclesia” Sequence aboutthe St. Ursula von Hildegard von Bingen for tenor recorder & didgeridoo
“es […]

Cologne: Evening of Mercy

[ 23. September 2016; 21:00; ] At this year’s Cologne Cathedral pilgrimage (22th – 25th September 2016) will be held at 21 o’clock the evening of Mercy on 23 September.

The Cologne Cathedral is inviting visually and audibly in a special way to prayer and contemplation: images of the Hubble Space Telescope are projected in side the Cathedral, giving an impression of […]

Münster: Christine Westenberger – Fragmente (Vernissage)

[ 18. September 2016; 15:00; ]

Introduktion: Jonas Dessouky MA,
Music: Dorothee Hahne, composer, live-electronics

Galerie SO66, Soester Str. 66, 48155 Münster

Opening times:

18.09.2016 – 31.10.2016, Sa + So 15:00-18:00 Uhr

Münsterland: 3rd vegan trade fair “Go vegan”

[ 11. September 2016; 10:00 bis 18:00. ] With music from Dorothée Hahne:

“Milk und Honey” for trumpet, didgeridoo & live-electronics