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SWR2 MusikGlobal: Maria Jonas – Music from the worlds between

16. Januar 2018

MariaJonasA program by Johannes S. Sichtermann

Portrait with sound examples about the singer, for whom the concert „Theophanu“ was written in 2000.

Above all, Maria Jonas is known as a singer of medieval music and leader of her ensemble Ars Choralis Coeln. But at the same time, for almost ten years now, she has been looking far beyond the horizon and is open to influences from other musical cultures. Continue reading »

WDR 2 key day: Theophanu – Europe unknown ruler

15. Juni 2016

Dorothée Hahne: Theophanu | ensemble newsicToday 1025 years ago died the Empress Theophano, whose tomb is located in Cologne’s St. Panteleimon Cathedral. The journalist Claudia Friedrich reminded in your miniature portrait of the European unknown ruler with excerpts from my Theophanu concert, which was first performed in 2000 in St. Pantaleon.

The broadcast WDR 2 key date is here audibly a podcast (in german)

(Deutsch) NEWSIC Single: Frei sein (B Seite: Komm wir schreien uns mal an :-)

(Deutsch) Kulturspiegel: Theophanu – ein akustisches Denkmal

24. September 2009
30. September 2010
29. September 2011

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(Deutsch) Radio Köln: Theophanu

18. April 2009

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(Deutsch) FRS: Wortspiel: Theophanu von Dorothée Hahne

5. März 2009

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Spin – machines (5)

Spin – machines (4)

Soprano, recorder & live electronic

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Spin – machines (3)

Soprano, recorder, didgeridoo & live electronic

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