Kulturspiegel: Stella Splendens – Spanish Compositions of the Marian Cult from Four Centuries


The second CD release of the Bois de Cologne Cologne Ensemble from 2000 is dedicated to collaboration with the mezzo-soprano Maria Jonas of Spanish music for Marian devotion spanning four centuries. The interpretations of secular and sacred chants touch and inspire joy through skillful play and musical sensibilities at the highest level, so this shot every CD collection of old music like a refined jewel.

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(Deutsch) Kulturspiegel: Das Blockflöten Ensemble Trio aXoloT

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(Deutsch) Kulturspiegel: Ttukunak – Txalaparta

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(Deutsch) Kulturspiegel: Michael Bauer – Kurz die Lyrik

(Deutsch) KulturSpiegel: StopStories – unterwegs (German Audio Book)

Stories and music about traveling in Münsterland

“Stop stories – on the road” are short stories and an electronic music piece, dealing in different ways with the environment of the Münsterland. In 2002, the stories were able to listen for several months in the Euro buses transport companies of Munster. The german audio book CD was the first publication of NEWSIC together with the Foundation, located in the Münsterland Schöppingen artists, guest appearances in the stories the authors of the stop in 2001 as a scholarship, and the Foundation for Art and Cultural Münsterland.

Martin Heckmann viewed during the bus ride into the sky and lets his thoughts wander, while Matthias Göritz his own way has found rich in artistic portrait form. The Red Lights of Jan Groh tell a true story of the frontier in 1945. The digitized voices of nightingales by Dorothée Hahne become melancholic songs and Malgorzata Saramonowicz finished a story of another kind about searching god. Continue reading »

Kulturspiegel: Ttukunak – Txalaparta

Already more than 2000 years, the Basque Txalaparte were used as instruments to communicate over longer distances. Messages have been beaten for it in different rhythms with two 50 cm long wooden sticks on tree trunks that are more developed in the course of the centuries, the logs are made from a cherry or chestnut wood planks. Txalarparte are always played by two players together and the identical twin sisters Sara and Maika Gomez, belong to the world’s best txalapartaris, known as the Basque Duo Ttukunak. In its music the deep solidarity becomes just as noticeable their Basque roots as their most intuitive and innovative kind of play, which they led on tours around the whole globe. Continue reading »

(Deutsch) Kulturspiegel: Das Blockflöten Ensemble Trio aXoloT

Kulturspiegel: ketonge: electronic muzik

(Deutsch) Kulturspiegel: Hundegeschichten & Katzengeschichten von Stephan Everling (Hörbuch CDs)

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