Amsterdam: aXolot @ Cinesthesia OT301

15. April 2012

set 1: Verantwoord Vet

Verantwoord Vet is free-improv live cinema. Drawing a surreal and nightmarish vision of our overly consuming society. Waste material and found objects are used to produce an improvised movie accompanied by improvised soundscapes, giving the performance an apocalyptic edge. Christoph Scherbaum , Tim Coehoorn – guitar / electronics. Krista Burger – live VJ.

set 2: aXolot

As evolutionary and adaptable as our ancient-futuristic namesake. With visual art as an integral part of our collective, we produce performances as a full interdisciplinary whole, including live electronics and film. Though looking to the future, we also have deep roots in the far past; performing medieval and renaissance consort music in a classical early music format. With: Kim-José Bode, Dodo Kis, Sarah Jeffery (recorders); Marjolijn Zwakman (visuals).

Entrance: 6 euro | | This Event on facebook

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