A star map on earth

The starry sky above Westphalia (in the constellation of around 5000 years ago)

If around 5000 years ago, the holy places of worship in Westphalia had lit up bonfires at night, they would have been seen from the sky and looked like this on a map. The picture shows a map (created using Google Maps), in which are seen the 17 constellations that Wolfgang Thiele (†2006) found to have been assigned to the old churches of Westphalia around 1300. They represent the image of the northern sky around 5000 years ago.

Clicking on the image to open the Google Maps application, that I have supplemented with other stars, will reveal the relationship between the churches and the stars as interpreted by Wolfgang Knorr and Herbert Thiele in 2003. | “Heaven is among us – The fascinating discovery of the first wonder of the world between the Rhine and the Weser, Lippe, Ruhr and Main” (Henselowsky and Boschmann).

Undoubtedly, all the marked places are particularly spiritual spots. Young women played a special role in the pre-Christian religions, as well as the stars. Where else, other than in those spiritual places, could they be themselves? The concert commentari about the legend of Saint Ursula remains an historical documentary evidence of their existence. Its name reveals what makes the sky keep turning, around Polaris, the top star in the constellation of the little bear (ursa minor).

Special thanks for translation by Bruno Ribeiro Pietoso

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