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Kaiserslautern (D): Autumn music

27. November 2021
Protestantische Kirche Erfenbach
Brunnenring 43, 67659 Kaiserslautern

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Haden (D): new spirit. new music

24. Oktober 2021

Organ music in times of Corona

New compositions and improvisations for organ

Dorothée Hahne: Gestern – Heute – Morgen
Timo Böcking: Er wird’s wohlmachen

Michael Schultheis, Organ

In the “Year of the Organ 2021”, which was proclaimed by the State Music Councils, and at the same time the second Corona year, the German Music Council, the Evangelical Church in Germany and the German Bishops’ Conference launched the project “Organ Music in Times of Corona”. The main concerns of the project sponsored by the Commissioner for Culture and Media, Prof. Monika Grütters, are the support of contemporary music and freelance composers in these times as well as the revival of live music.

Catholic and Protestant churches know the tradition that in times of crisis new works are composed and performed in church services to comfort the faithful. Following on from this, the project “Organ Music in Times of Corona” was created. 17 new compositions were commissioned that reflect the Corona period, creatively confront the past and the present and will permanently enrich the organ music oeuvre.

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Sunday October 24th 2021 11:15 am 12:15 pm

St. Elisabeth 27 Scharnhorststraße Hagen, NRW, 58097


Neuss (D): Opening concert “Days of Church Music” Neuss

12. September 2021

Organ concert for the opening of the 8th Church Music Days in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss district dean.
Organ: Nikodem Chronz

12.09.2021, 15 Uhr


Dorotheé Hahne: Gestern – Heute – Morgen
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Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow [6/2021]

for Organ / with obligatory alto recorder

Composition commission German Music Council

Project “Organ Music in Times of Corona

The German Music Council, together with the German Bishops’ Conference and the Evangelical Church in Germany, is carrying out the project “Organ Music in Times of Corona.” The project forms a contribution to the “Year of the Organ,” which the state music councils have proclaimed for 2021. As part of the project, 17 compositions for organ were created that artistically reflect the Corona era.

In the fall of 2021, these organ works will be heard in numerous concerts and church services. In this way, musical life will be actively promoted and listeners will be encouraged to engage with the pandemic experience. The project will conclude with a finissage concert on November 21, 2021, at which all 17 compositions will be performed together. The project is funded by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

The German Music Council is publishing the 17 compositions in an anthology with Carus-Verlag. Co-editors are Prof. Richard Mailänder and LKMD Kord Michaelis. Organists working in Germany can obtain an online or print edition of the Organ Book free of charge from the German Music Council if they perform pieces from the Organ Book in a concert or service within the project “Organ Music in Times of Corona” in the fall of 2021. Here is more information!


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  • Essen: Oberlinger/Kofler

    17. Juni 2020



    Johann Sebastian Bach
    Sinfonia aus der Kantate “Wir danken dir Gott, wir danken dir”, BWV 29
    (bearbeitet von Harald Feller für Orgel)
    Hildegard von Bingen
    Antiphon “O ecclesia”
    Dorothée Hahne
    “Commentari III” für Blockflöten und Elektronik


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    Organ & Subbass Blockflöte [2003]
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