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Duisburg: Oberlinger & Kofler – Grand Tour

28. Januar 2023

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Dorothee Oberlinger Blockflöte

Peter Kofler Orgel und Cembalo

Werke von Johann Sebastian Bach, Hildegard von Bingen, Dorothée Hahne, Luciano Berio, Olivier Messiaen und Arcangelo Corelli

Zwei Königinnen im Dialog: Als „Königin der Blockflöte“ wird Dorothee Oberlinger von der Presse immer wieder gefeiert. Das Instrument der mehr­fachen Echo-Klassik-Preisträgerin, die auch das 9. Philharmonische Konzert leitet, verweist zudem in ein Zeitalter, in dem noch Könige und Königinnen das Weltgeschehen bestimmten. Aber Dorothee Oberlingers Kunst ist keineswegs auf die Barock­epoche beschränkt: Mit Musik von Hildegard von Bingen und Dorothée Hahne spannt sie einen Bogen über acht Jahrhunderte Musikgeschichte, die auch von starken schöpferischen Frauen geprägt wurden.

Die zweite Königin, der bei dieser „Grand Tour“ die Ehre erwiesen wird, ist die Königin der Instru­mente: die Orgel. Zu ihren Großmeistern zählt der in Bozen geborene Organist Peter Kofler, der regel­mäßig an den Spieltischen der bedeutends­ten europäischen Kirchen- und Konzertorgeln Platz nimmt. Die erste Box seiner Gesamteinspielung der Orgelwerke von Johann Sebastian Bach wurde unlängst mit dem „Editor’s Choice“ der britischen Fachzeitschrift Gramophone ausgezeichnet.

Foto Dorothee Oberlinger: Henning Ross
Foto Peter Kofler: Walter Glück

28. Januar 2023, 16:00 Uhr

Philharmonie Mercatorhalle, Landfermannstraße 6, 47051 Duisburg


Hitzacker (D): 75. Sommerliche Musiktage Hitzacker – Max Volbers

9. August 2020

Maximilian Volbers, Foto: Andre Hinderlich  / Deutscher Musikwettbewerb

elf nach elf

Musical reading

Udo Samel (recitation)
Elisabeth Wirth &
Maximilian Volbers (recorder)

Programm (a.o.)

Dorothée Hahne – commentari III

für Soprano recorder (& renaissance recorder) & playback tape [2000]

venue: Verdo ->

Munich: “The Long Night of Music” at Gasteig – Sophia Schambeck

9. Mai 2015

LangeNachtderMusikMu2015A musical journey from Venice to Utrecht, from the Middle Ages to today: minstrel dances, which were presumably carried forward to the year 1200 in the marketplaces, Dutch music of the Renaissance and works of High Baroque by J.S. Bach and A. Vivaldi; experimental music of the 20th century by L. Berio, and even Sophia Schambeckcontemporary works with electronics (Dorothée Hahne: commentari III).

Sophia Schambeck (recorder)
Stellario Fagone (piano)

Blackbox im Gasteig
Rosenheimer Straße 5
D – 81667 München

Concertzender (NL): Commentari

15. Dezember 2014

Block 3 04:04 h
Dorothée Hahne:
Commentari, Concert for recorder, Didgeridoo and live-electronics.
Dorothee Oberlinger: recorder
Dorothée Hahne: live electronic and didgeridoo
newsic CD2003004

Munich: Jugend musiziert for moment of glory

25. Oktober 2014

sophia_schambeck.250x0 Performed by current regional, state and national winners of the “Jugend Musiziert” Competitions – inter alia Sophia Shambeck, which was excellent in 2014 twice with the special prize for the outstanding interpretation of a contemporary work (commentari III).

The proceeds of the concert comes the charity campaign “moments of glory” of the Bavarian Radio to Good. The concert is a joint collaboration between sound artists Munich, align the regional competition, star moments eV and the Bavarian insurance chamber.

Sophia Schambec will be accompanied by the composer Dorothée Hahne at the live electronics

Ort: Allerheiligenhofkirche der Residenz in München

25. Oktober , um 19.00 Uhr

Vincent Lauzer: a true talent … performing commentari III | 28.02.2014 Musical Toronto

Vincent Lauzer

Vincent Lauzer | recorder

If you had heard Regina-based Artistic Director Simon Fryer announce the Women’s Musical Club of Toronto’s (WMCT) 117th concert season in 2014-2015, witnessed the enthralling performance by Montreal’s Vincent Lauzer, shared the experience with a packed Walter Hall, your faith in Toronto’s classical music scene would be doubly renewed.

The “Music in the Afternoon” series features an artful line-up of debuts by international artists, and some of Canada’s most promising up-and-coming performers.

Recorder music might not bring to mind excitement and nuance, but a listen to Vincent Lauzer—winner of the WMCT’s 2012 Career Development Award—would certainly open audiences up to some exquisite musical moments with one of the most understated instruments in western music.

The program featured works by Baroque composers Sammartini, J.S. Bach, Corelli and Vivaldi, which were rendered tastefully by the continuo ensemble with Mylène Bélanger on harpsichord, Chloe Meyeres and Tanya LaPerrière on baroque violin, Jacques-André Houle on baroque viola, and Mélisande Corriveau on baroque cello.

The ensemble was in perfect balance with the incredible nuances revealed to the deep listener. Everyone, including the ensemble, was enchanted with Lauzer’s winning personality.

The most exciting part of the concert was a selection of contemporary works written for solo recorder titled, “Minimal Music” and “Schlaflied für einen Kolibri (Lullaby for a hummingbird)” from a suite by composer Marcus Zahnhausen. In a style of music known for its deceptive simplicity, they provided a vehicle to draw out Lauzer’s breathtaking virtuosity. Playing from memory, Lauzer shined over the pieces’ densely packed lines, which were subtly shaped into a frenzy that conveyed the up-tempo work’s larger musical ideas.

The second half of the concert opened with “Meditation,” by Japanese composer Ryōhei Hirose. Lauzer played the work by invoking the sound of a Shakuhachi (Japanese flute), and then followed with the finale of the program, “Commentari III” by German composer Dorothée Hahne.

Perhaps the WMCT wasn’t the place you would expect to hear live electronics music, but it speaks greatly of its devotion to the standards set by those before us. By selecting Lauzer as their career development award winner, they demonstrate a commitment to paving the way towards a vision of the future. Lauzer is a true talent with a captivatingly delicate yet robust musicality.

There are already plans for a 2015 presentation of the award; the 10th since it was founded in 1990. Two additional runner-up prizes will be added, and the main prize will be increased from $15,000 to $20,000. If this concert was any indication, there is some impressive music making for us to look forward to from the WMCT in the seasons to come.

Learn more about their new season here and read more about the prize here.

Margaret Lam

Quelle/Original Artikel: Musical Toronto

commentari – Hahne/Stegmann 4th September 2011

With grateful thanks for the pictures to Claudia Meyer

Berlin: Konzertexamen HyeonHo Jeon

8. Juli 2010

HyeonHo Jeon (Hochschulkasse Gerd Lünenbürger) spielt u.a. “commentari III” von Dorothée Hahne

Universität der Künste Berlin, Abteilung Altemusik, Friedenauer Kammerkonzertsaal
Isoldestr. 9 Berlin D 12159

Kontakt: Universität der Künste Berlin, Altemusik Abteilung

Heinrichsruh: commentari – Fröhlich | Hahne

24. November 2009

Concert für Recorder, Didgeridoo & Live-Electronic

Susanne Fröhlich – Recorder

Dorothée Hahne – Didgeridoo & Live-Electronic

Location: Künstlerhaus Vorpommern in Heinrichsruh (Germany)

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