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Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow [6/2021]

for Organ / with obligatory alto recorder

Composition commission German Music Council

Organist: Carlo Maria Barile, recording from February 27, 2022.

University for Catholic Church Music & Music Education Regensburg

Published by Carus-Verlag: Sammlung Carus 18.220/00, ISBN 978-3-89948-424-3, ISMN M-007-29444-1 160 pages, DIN A4 landscape, paperback and as Ebook

“Born in the Rhineland, Dorothée Hahne is musically extremely multilingual. Her extensive oeuvre ranges from jazz to electronic music to works for recorder player Dorothee Oberlinger, for example. Only for the organ has she not yet written – although she was already addicted to its sound as a child, at the side of her father Rudolf Hahne, who plays the organ masterfully. His wish that she compose something for organ was not fulfilled during his lifetime. Thanks to the organ project of the Music Council, however, Hahne was now able to dedicate her piece “Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow” to her father posthumously.

Her work revolves entirely around the repetitive rituals and ordinances used to respond to the pandemic situation. Every day, one deals with the incidence figures. Every day one hopes that everyday life will finally become more relaxed again. And “the next day, everything starts all over again”, says Dorothée Hahne, who herself had to suffer through a post-Long Covid phase. This eternal everyday cycle is now also reflected in the character of “Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow”, which is based on minimal music. At the same time, Hahne wants to achieve a mood with the gentle flow, coloured with so many influences from jazz and tango, which gives one “courage, strength and hope” in these times dominated by Corona. And Hahne’s lines, which she has placed alongside “Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow” , also fit in with this:”(Guido Fischer)

“Turning in circles
And still
Steps on the spot
In small steps
Focus in detail
Emotional broadside
Between hope and despair
Only love can hold you
Da Capo!”

Project “Organ Music in Times of Corona

The German Music Council, together with the German Bishops’ Conference and the Evangelical Church in Germany, is carrying out the project “Organ Music in Times of Corona.” The project forms a contribution to the “Year of the Organ,” which the state music councils have proclaimed for 2021. As part of the project, 17 compositions for organ were created that artistically reflect the Corona era.

In the fall of 2021, these organ works will be heard in numerous concerts and church services. In this way, musical life will be actively promoted and listeners will be encouraged to engage with the pandemic experience. The project will conclude with a finissage concert on November 21, 2021, at which all 17 compositions will be performed together. The project is funded by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

The German Music Council is publishing the 17 compositions in an anthology with Carus-Verlag. Co-editors are Prof. Richard Mailänder and LKMD Kord Michaelis. Organists working in Germany can obtain an online or print edition of the Organ Book free of charge from the German Music Council if they perform pieces from the Organ Book in a concert or service within the project “Organ Music in Times of Corona” in the fall of 2021. Here is more information!


  • 18. September 2022 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (D): Orgelkonzert
  • 18. September 2022 Augsburg (D): Gala Concert – Organ music in times of Corona
  • 16. August 2022 Schönberg (D): Bach und Freundeskreis
  • 20. März 2022 Gießen: Orgelkonzert zur Passion
  • 31. Dezember 2021 Borna (D): Musik und Texte zum Jahresausklang
  • 27. November 2021 Kaiserslautern (D): Autumn music
  • 21. November 2021 Duesseldorf: Messe und ‘orgelbespeling'
  • 19. November 2021 Cologne (D): Orgelkonzert zum Fest der Hl. Elisabeth
  • 19. November 2021 Böblingen (D): Orgelvesper
  • 17. November 2021 Kirchberg (D): Buß – und Bettag
  • 17. November 2021 Simmern: Gottesdienst zum Buß- und Bettag
  • 17. November 2021 Hamburg (D): Friedensandacht zum Buß- und Bettag
  • 14. November 2021 Rehden (D): Sonntagsgottesdienst
  • 5. November 2021 Regensburg (D): Stunde der Kirchenmusik
  • 5. November 2021 Schönberg (D): 35. Schönberger Musiksommer
  • 1. November 2021 Oppenweiler (D): Andacht zu Allerseelen
  • 1. November 2021 Bad Kreuznach (D): Orgelmusik zu Allerheiligen
  • 24. Oktober 2021 Cologne (D): Organ concert
  • 24. Oktober 2021 Haden (D): new spirit. new music
  • 10. Oktober 2021 Weinstadt (D): Vorspiel
  • 6. Oktober 2021 Nordstrand (D): Orgelwerke
  • 3. Oktober 2021 Kandern (D): Gottesdienst
  • 25. September 2021 Eging am See: 26. Sonntag i. Jk.
  • 12. September 2021 Neuss (D): Opening concert “Days of Church Music” Neuss
  • Hannover: Concert of RAM Fellows 2015 Tabea Wink

    17. November 2015

    With the RAMgrant from the Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung one of the best Lower Saxony participants in the federal competition “Jugend musiziert isthe door to be opened in the international music scene by a two-week master class at the prestigious London Royal Academy of Music. The scholarship holder will also receive a one-day, individually tailored coaching in the areas of public speaking and presentation as support on his way into working life.
    At lunchtime concert Tabea Wink presented their skills and reports of their stay in the British capital.

    Program (among others):

    Dorothée Hahne: TelePartyfor alto recorder & live electronics
    Commissioned by “Impulse Young Artists / New Music
    the German Music Council for Tabea Wink Continue reading »

    NDR1: Musicland – Prize Winner Concert Jugend Musiziert NI TelePartY

    6. Juni 2015

    LMA-NIConcert of the winners of the state competition “Jugend Musiziert” Niedersachsen 2015

    Program (a.o..): Tabea Wink (1. Prize, 25 P.) – alto recorder

    Dorothée Hahne: “TelePartY” for alto recorder & live electronics

    (Commissioned by the German Music Council for the project “Impulse – Young Interpreters/New Music!” for Tabea Wink)

    The concert will be recorded by NDR and broadcasted on June 6 at 20:05 in the show “Music Land Niedersachsen”

    Continue reading »

    Hamburg: 52. Bundeswettbewerb Jugend Musiziert – TelePartY

    23. Mai 2015

    jugend_musiziert-logoTabea Wink – recorder

    Programm with Works (u.a.) from

    Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto C-Major, RV 443
    Dorothée Hahne: “TeleParty” for recorder & live electronics

    Hamburdeutscher_musikrat-logoger Konservatorium
    Sülldorfer Landstraße 196
    22589 Hamburg

    update: Tabea Wink won a first prize

    Wolfenbüttel (D): Prize Winner Concert Jugend Musiziert NI TelePartY

    3. Mai 2015

    LMA-NIConcert of the winners of the state competition “Jugend Musiziert” Niedersachsen 2015

    Program (a.o..): Tabea Wink (1. Prize, 25 P.) – alto recorder

    Dorothée Hahne: “TelePartY” for alto recorder & live electronics

    (Commissioned by the German Music Council for the project “Impulse – Young Interpreters/New Music!” for Tabea Wink)

    The concert will be recorded by NDR and broadcasted on June 6 at 20:05 in the show “Music Land Niedersachsen”

    Continue reading »

    1. live recording “TelePartY” – Tabea Wink – recorder

    At the award winner concert of Youth Music Competition 2015 in Braunschweig, which took place in the Dornse in th Museum of Braunschweig on February 21, 2015 the opportunity arose the first public premiere of the commissioned composition “”TelePartY“”, composed for Tabea Wink – recorder inside the Projekt – “Impulse – Young Interpreters / New Music” of the German Musikrat.

    This concert hall is not perfect for quadrophonic live electronic compositions and outside was a stormy weather, rumbling loudly around the building, but this beautiful document that gives some idea what a more than talented student Tabea Wink is, wants to be shared and communicated.

    Audio record : Zoom H4n Stereo

    Braunschweig: TeleParty Preisträgerkonzert Jugend Musiziert

    21. Februar 2015

    Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

    Jugend MusiziertAm 23. Januar 2015 wurde beim Regionalwettbewerb Jugend Musiziert in Braunschweig die Komposition “TeleParty” für Altblockflöte & Live-Elektronik uraufgeführt, die im Auftrag des Projektes des Deutschen Musikrats “Impulse – Junge Interpreten/Neue Musik!” für die Flötistin Tabea Wink komponiert wurde.  Tabea Wink, die mit Höchtpunktzahl mit einem ersten Preis ausgezeichnet wurde, wird die Auftragskomposition beim Preisträgerkonzert am Samstag, den 21. Februar 2015 um 16:00 Uhr in der Dornse des Braunschweiger Altstadtrathauses aufführen.

    Ort: Dornse des Altstadtrathauses, Altstadtmarkt 7, 38100 Braunschweig


    for Solo Instrument & Live-Elektronik [2014]

    Braunschweig: (Premiere) Impulse – Young Interpreters/new Music – TelePartY

    23. Januar 2015


    Dorothée Hahne: “Teleparty” for alto recorder & live-electronics

    Recorder: Tabea Wink

    Commissioned by the German Music Council for for Tabea Wink as part of of the project “Impulse – Young Artists / New Music!”

    Mit dem Förderprojekt “Impulse – Junge Interpreten/Neue Musik!” setzt der Deutsche Musikrat neue Initiativen und Schwerpunkte. Junge exzellente MusikerInnen, die vor der Teilnahme an einem Wettbewerb des Deutschen Musikrats stehen, kooperieren mit zeitgenössischen KomponistInnen, geben Werke in Auftrag, erarbeiten diese mit Unterstützung der KomponistInnen und bringen sie anschließend im Rahmen eines der Wettbewerbe des Deutschen Musikrats und in nachfolgenden Konzerten zur Aufführung.

    Venue: Braunschweig  (more Information coming soon)