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NY (USA): dance macabre @ New York Public Radio WQXR

27. Februar 2018

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WQXR :|| New Sounds Live Stream

Dorothée Hahne: dance macabre (5 min 26 s)

(Live Recording at the Winter Garden on August 15, 2010)

Quartet New Generation

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WQXR is New York City’s only classical music radio station, broadcasting live on 105.9 FM. We share our audience’s passion for music by playing the most outstanding pieces on air, online and through our app. WQXR is made possible thanks to the generous support of our members and sponsors.


Concertzender (NL): Commentari

15. Dezember 2014

Block 3 04:04 h
Dorothée Hahne:
Commentari, Concert for recorder, Didgeridoo and live-electronics.
Dorothee Oberlinger: recorder
Dorothée Hahne: live electronic and didgeridoo
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