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GWK laureates 2013 in the “KulturSchmiede” Arnsberg

*Video:kurze dokumentation der preisverleihung der gmk preisverleihung 2013

On 29th September 2013 , the winners of the year’s prizes of GWK (Society for the Advancement of the Westphalian Cultural Work Association) were awarded and honored . The musical arrangement of the festive matinee, which was presented in the KulturSchmiede Arnsberg at the ideal venue, was in the hands of this year’s winners for music, Max Volbers (recorder) and Nikola Komatina (accordion). Direct opening shone Max Volbers virtuosity and confidently with the interpretation of  “commentari III” for recorder and quadraphonic live electronics , which I had composed in 2000 for Dorothee Oberlinger.  Max Volbers studies recorde at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Another highlight was the arranging of the awardees for their own occupation version of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Sonata for flute and bc G minor, BWV 1020. The GWK award to the musicians , the writer Lars Reyer and visual artists Bettina Marx , Katja Kottmann and Clemens Botho Goldbach was brought to a close with a further special contribution from Nikola Komatina, who was born in 1988 in Serbia and after his studies at the Conservatory in Vienna now stands at the Detmold Music Academy just before the completion of his accordion studies , brought the ceremony with the interpretation of the Roma song “Djurdjevdan” to a moving finale. With all the passion in his voice and playful virtuosity on the accordion Nikola Komatina presented a perfect example of how music directly and naturally cross borders, opening doors and gates. The exhibitions of art winners are open at the Kunstverein Arnsberg and in the Kloster Wedinghausen until 10th November.

Arnsberg: GWK award ceremony Max Volbers

29. September 2013

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Maximilian Volbers

GWK Preisträger 2013 Maximilian Volbers

Preisverleihung der GWK Förderpreise 2013

Programm (u.a.):

D. Hahne: commentari III für Blockflöte und Live-Elektronik

Download vollständiges Programm (PDF)

Max Volbers – Blockflöte (Preisträger 2013)

Ort: Kulturschmiede Arnsberg . Apostelstrasse 5 . 59821 Arnsberg

Video des Finale am 6. April 2013 in der Musikhochschule Münster:

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