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Klüngelskerl Melodie

Have fun with Facebook Audio Captcha


More and more Websites using captchas for spam protection, small pictures with sequences of letters or some stuff looking like words, that the user have to read and write in a special text field. Sometimes this word pictures are really not easy to recognize, but  to  come over this problem an other “help” is given:  A link to an Audiocaptcha, to let the user listen to an audiofile of the wanted words.  Today I saw this link to an Audiocaptcha on facebook and today it was the very first time that I decide to test it, only out of curiosity I made my mouse click.  For a special kind of “Help” the result really attracts attention.  Hereby I declare that I have this original Facebook Audio Captcha only recorded and NOT further worked on or manipulated. Please listen:

Vogelsang und Eifelduft

Weibliche Seite der Trompete | 30.03.2011 Kölner Stadtanzeiger

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“Musische Experimente” – Kulturbahnhof Nettersheim 27th March 2011

Concert & lecture “Musische Experimente” | Dorothée Hahne at Kulturbahnhof Nettersheim 27th March 2011

Midissage Exhibition MAF Räderscheidt: “Malen wo Matronen wohnen”

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Why I love social network – a conversation on facebook

Here I wanna share a conversation with the musician Bruno Ribeiro Pietoso from Sao Paulo/Brasil as an inspiring example to give support for my music & work round the globe by the internet and social network:

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milch’nhonig – Kurz die Lyrik von Mikel Bauer

Beethoven Romance op. 50 (Polidor 1925)

I was told by “coincidence” shortly before my father died end of March 2008 that my great-uncle Hans Thierfelder was a well-known, successful and important conductor. Within my family is transmitted, that among other things he conducted the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Bayreuth Festival during the 3rd Empire (although he himself was honest non-political and Buddhist). The generations of my family who knew more about it are unfortunately all died. As far as I find time I try to research what can be proven and documented yet. This morning I found the following article with free mp3-Download in a blog of a Netherlands lover of old shellac discs (78 rpm):

Ludwig van Beethoven: Romance for violin und orchestra in F op.50

Josef Wolfsthal, Violin; orchestra of the Berlin State Opera under the direction of Hans Thierfelder

Polydor 69794 (B 27597/8) 869/70 az

Length: 9:04 Record from 1925

Gute Zeichen – schlechte Zeichen ;-)

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